Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sleep for Mommy :)

Woohooo! I have discovered the way to calm him down when he's tired but frantically trying to not fall asleep. Last night after several hours of him not going to sleep again I started thinking swaddling is supposed to work, why isn't it working? It wasn't working because he is a little escape artist and gets his hands out in about two minutes flat. So midscream I pinned his arms to the side of his body and he was asleep almost instantly. It was amazing. Seriously, miracle type amazing. We're talking full on scream to sound asleep in under a minute. Possibly the most beautiful thing ever! With him asleep I swaddled him and as he was sleeping calmly he didn't thrash loose and he slept from 12-3:30 then he went back to sleep around 4:30 and slept till almost 9. I couldn't believe it!
I know I titled the post sleep for mommy but I'm honestly more happy that the little man got some sleep. He gets so miserable when he can't go to sleep it just kills me. I don't even want to think how horrible it'll be when it is something bigger/worse that I can't fix. I wonder how much it'll cost to keep him in a bubble forever :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So Xan finally fell asleep last night/this morning at 7 a.m. After being awake for almost 9 hours. I thought babies slept all the least off and on.. but not him! This is the second time he's done a long stretch of nothing will make me go to sleep. Last time was for about 7 hours. I feel so bad for him because I think he's sleepy but he just fights it. His little eyes start getting droopy then droopier then closed and then....wha wha whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Finally after marathon nursing he fell asleep, or I guess it could've just been a coincidence and he fell asleep from exhaustion. I tried looking up information about why babies won't sleep and couldn't find anything about newborns. Apparently colic doesn't kick in till month three and most babies just have trouble falling asleep in certain situations. We tried all situations and nothing worked. For those who are wondering... we tried: swaddeling...swaddeling with a different blanket..changing his clothes, taking off his clothes, rocking, bouncing, walking, singing, cuddling, letting him cry, and nursing off and on for all those nine hours. He's been sleeping like a champ now with only about an hour interruption for feeding and changing for....9 hours so I guess we'll see how he does tonight. Suppose it's possible this is just his schedule? Sleep 12 up 9? That ought to be interesting :)

I am prepared for another sleepless night though. I have my little baby backpack thing that you wear in front so he and I will clean the house (no harsh chemicals don't worry) and maybe finally take down the Christmas tree :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little Things From Today

I had thought I'd start with a little history first, well a lot of history...nine months or so. BUT. I'm too tired to do that so I thought I'd just fill everyone in on today. The little man hasn't slept more than thirty minutes all afternoon/tonight...this is unusual in that he usually sleeps like a champ for 3-5 hours. I'm a little worried (shocked aren't you?) but hopefully he'll go to sleep here in a little while. My sweet husband has been rocking him for the past half hour.
We clipped his fingernails for the first time today and nicked his little fingers :( I can't believe how much it hurts to make your baby cry! We tried to be all stealthy and the hubby was gonna clip while I nursed him so his little hands would be nice and still...yeah that didn't go as planned. We won't be doing that ever again, I don't think his daddy and I could handle it. Xan is fine though :) After a brief crying session he doesn't even seem to notice, of course hubby and I are wondering if that's why he isn't sleeping...but I don't really think that could be it.
Bout an hour ago we changed his diaper his shirt and his swaddling blanket just in case any of those were irritating him, we'll see.... Also, been eating like a little piggy all day, maybe this is just a growth spurt! Alrighty, I'll see what I can do about some pregnancy info tomorrow when he's *hopefully* asleep.

Things I Worry About

I guess before I start any specific mommy posts I should admit that I worry. I worry alot. I worry about everything, things I can and can't control. Before I got pregnant I worried about if I'd be able to get pregnant because I'd been on the pill for almost ten years. Then I worried that I would get pregnant and would lose the baby or that I'd somehow hurt the baby by falling or driving or eating the wrong thing. Then I worried once I did get pregnant some more about those same things :) I worried about the csection and if it would hurt or if I'd die or if it was bad for the baby. I worried that I'd go into labor and not be able to have a csection, more on that later. I worried about breastfeeding and if I wanted to do it, then if I'd be able to do it, then if it would be horrible. So what I'm saying is that I worry :) I'll probably have numerous posts about new things I worry about and I don't want anyone telling me not to worry! It is what I do. It helps me prepare and feel in control once I've prepared *yes, I know this is an allusion, but it makes me feel better so let me keep it*.
I've had friends and family tell me that I can't control/change anything by worrying so don't feel the need to chime in and agree with them :) I'm telling you all of this now so that you'll know I know it doesn't really do any good and you can go on and enjoy the rest of the posts! Time to go feed the little piglet some more ;) Hope everyone has a great morning.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My First Post

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post on my first blog, I'm very excited! This blog is going to be devoted to my experiences as a mommy, something I wasn't sure I ever wanted to be :) Oddly enough it turns out that I love it and that I've loved everything about it. I'll be putting up posts about my pregnancy, csection, breast feeding, and my decision to stay at home instead of returning to work. Feel free to chime in with advice at any time, my son is only three weeks old and I can use all the advice I can get!