Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'll probably end up talking about this site more than once because I really think I'm in love.  They have the formula I buy, diapers, wipes, and just about any baby item you think you could ever want.  The best part is that they have free two day shipping on orders over $49.

Their customer service is fantastic too.  I've had items arrived damaged before (the kind of formula I buy is liquid and has to be handled really carefully or it dents and then I won't use it).  Well they have always sent a replacement out the same day (happened twice) and apologized and asked me to discard the other order.  That matters because they weren't all bratty about it and didn't make me try to figure out how to ship anything back.

They even have a promotional program you can sign up with to earn money off future orders AND help other moms at the same time.  For example...if you use this code:


You will get $10 off your first order (of any amount)and still get the free shipping if the order is over $49.  Pretty sweet, right?  And I get $1 credit every time someone uses the code.  Win-win situation in my mind.

So...if you haven't given it a try yet visit the nice people at and check out their great products (and pretty excellent prices) If you already use them tell everyone what you think :)


Cindy said...

When hubby and I have baby number two, hopefully bringing *her* (I refuse to accept the possibility of another son, though it'll be okay) into the world before the end of the year, I will so use this, but I don't know if will help you then.

EclecticBird said...

I'm planning on trying to get preggers this year again as well...but I don't care if it is a boy or a girl. :) It will totally help me whenever you use it because I'll be using diapers for the next 4 or 5 years!

Hardy said...

Oh so I have to check your blog for this type of information - you couldn't have just told me in one of the millions IMs we send to each other!

EclecticBird said...

@Hardy- I can't believe I didn't tell you! I'm really really sorry
:( Bad birdie.