Friday, January 2, 2009

Well Baby Checkup

I took Xan for his 1 year well baby check up today and....I got a shot? Yeah, I know I was freaked out about it too at first because I totally hate shots do what you gotta do, right? So the nurse hands me flyers about the MRR and chickenpox vac. and I remind her that I"ve never had the chickenpox and ask when I should get my shot and she tells me to talk to the doctor about it.
He comes in and says've probably had it and don't remember. I said, no. I've had the antibodies test and I've never had it (my dad had shingles it was a big deal earlier) anywho so he says no problem, we'll give it to you. DANG thought I could put it off. So holding the baby I took my shot and I didn't even cry!

I must've been a good example because my sweet boy did wonderfully. He clouded up when the nurse gave him the first shot and a bit more with the second but I gave him smoochies and he didn't cry at all. So brave!

While I"m bragging....when we were in the waiting room all of these other children were crying and he just looked around like what's wrong with them. He even smiled at one little girl and got her to stop crying. How sweet is that?

Usually our shot appointments are pretty traumatic (for me at least) but this one was great. How do you handle watching when your sweet baby gets a shot??

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